S2 Ep 10: The Bounty Beyond

the Box Checking featuring

Amanda Wright

Hello everyone, and welcome back to Outgrow the Grind! In episode 10 of our second season, we are joined by Amanda Wright, an experienced management consultant and a coach to other consulting business owners. 


In today’s episode, we will be exploring Amanda’s remarkable transformation from a burned out consultant working way too many hours to an entrepreneur setting her own schedule while she raises two amazing kids. We’ll also discuss the beauty of outgrowing the grind and how our bodies are usually the first to tell us when something isn’t going well. 


🌱 In this episode, you’ll learn:

  • About Amanda’s experience at Deloitte and how her time management (and entire life!) changed when she left it.
  • The comments and stares she had when she told people she’d be leaving her 6 figure job to become an entrepreneur. 
  • The thoughts of failure she had inside her head and how she pushed them away.
  • The importance of mindfulness and how this led her to create a balance between work and home life.
  • How she is a recovering people-pleaser who is still learning and growing. 
  • How she helps other consultants find their own way.
  • Amanda’s advice for you if you are in the grind.
  • How our bodies know when something isn’t right even if our mind doesn’t know it yet. 
  • Why the cherry blossom is her favorite tree.
  • Optional homework after this episode: Find some time and space to check in with your body, check-in with you.


🌱 Seeds planted in this episode:

  • Get to know all about Amanda’s work at www.thewrightcompany.ca 
  • To follow her on Instagram, follow her on @thewrightcompany.ca 



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