S2 Ep 8: How I Turned

Outgrow the Grind into a


Thank you for joining me on another episode of Outgrow the Grind. Today’s episode will be a little bit different than the other Season 2 episodes; this one will be about how Outgrow the Grind got me back in the grind (ironic, isn’t it?)

A few weeks ago, I decided to launch two episodes of Outgrow the Grind every week. I tried it, and after a few weeks, I realized that it isn’t working for me, and it’s time to change it. The realization of this has also brought me many meaningful lessons on fear, false expectations, self-permission, and of course, outgrowing the grind.

🌱 In this episode, you’ll learn:

  • Why I decided to launch one episode per week instead of two.
  • What matters most to me as I create my podcast.
  • Back to basics: What is outgrowing the grind? What do spaciousness, rest, pleasure, connection and play have to do with it?
  • How fear played into me wanting to do more than I could handle.
  • The three P’s that remind me when it’s time to pause.
  • Why growth is unpredictable.
  • A question to think about during this episode: What in your life is no longer working for you?

🌱 Seeds planted in this episode:


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