S5 Ep 1: Enjoyment Over

Expectations featuring

Madeline Schwarz

In today’s episode, you’ll meet Madeline Schwarz, Communications Coach Extraordinaire!

🌱 In this episode, you’ll learn:

  • All of the expectations that Madeline was juggling when her son was born eight years ago
  • More about her work journey after her son was born - including that one time when she was laid off just a few days after spraining her ankle at a job site
  • How Madeline outgrew the grind of getting another corporate project management job and decided to start a business instead
  • All of the expectations she unlearned and let go of both for her and her family
  • Madeline’s advice for parents and non-parents while in the process of outgrowing the grind
  • The role that creativity and childlike inspiration has played in Madeline’s life
  • Your three reflection questions for this episode: 1) What expectations are impacting your growth? 2) Are they yours, someone else’s, societal conditioning? 3) What small shifts could you make to create an even better experience for you?

🌱 Seeds planted in this episode:


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P.S. Curious about the image I made on my phone that I mention at the end of this episode? Here it is...

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