S5 Ep 11: Plant New

Possibilities featuring

Val Nelson

This week’s episode features Val Nelson, a career and business coach for introverts and highly sensitive people who want meaningful work without the overwhelm. She enjoys helping people clarify their career or self-employment decisions.

🌱 In this episode, you’ll learn:

  • How Val realized she’d outgrown the cubicle life.
  • The ways that Val second-guessed whether self-employment was for people like her.
  • Val’s journey from the cubicle to her current business, including her bridge job!
  • How Val shifted her mindset from an employee mindset to a self-employment mindset.
  • Val’s experience of the “Christmas-morning-like-magic of what’s possible.”
  • Val’s biggest fear in self-employment.
  • What Val had to say no to and the strong words of advice she received along her journey.
  • How she allowed herself to be and share even more of herself along the way.
  • Val’s advice for anyone in the cubicle grind and what you need to listen to.
  • How happy Val was to have freedom, even with a pay cut.*
  • *Val told me she knows that's not feasible for everyone. Paying the bills is important too.
  • Val’s advice for you if you’re someone who counts yourself out before trying something new.
  • About Val’s favorite plant is and the sweet reason why it’s so special to her.
  • Your reflection questions for this episode: 1) Where in my life am I taking myself out of the game before even trying something new? 2) What else is possible instead of what feels like a barrier?

🌱 Seeds planted in this episode:

  • Connect with Val through her website. Sign up to learn more about her upcoming new course, Bridge to Self-Employment here.
  • Are you curious about what possibilities that coaching could uncover for you? Schedule a 30-minute sample coaching session with me here: https://bit.ly/samplecoachingsesh.


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