S5 Ep 7: Tend to Yourself

First featuring Edwina


In this week’s episode, you’ll meet Edwina Townsend, special educator, gardener, and self-proclaimed “plant freak”!


🌱 In this episode, you’ll learn:

  • The serendipity leading up to Edwina and I meeting.
  • How the pandemic allowed Edwina to slow down and see what’s really important.
  • What crying in her car made crystal clear for Edwina
  • The one question she would avoid at all costs
  • What allowing herself to receive did for Edwina
  • How Edwina set aside her “city girl” identity to learn everything she could about gardening and share it with her students and her mom.
  • What nature teaches us about our own growth.
  • What gardening [and a blooming lemon tree] taught Edwina about life.
  • Edwina’s surprising and beautiful “obsession” after a big storm in Texas.
  • The choice that Edwina reminds herself of on a regular basis.
  • Edwina’s valuable advice for anyone in the process of outgrowing the grind.
  • Your “reflection experiment” for this episode is to spend 30 minutes with a living plant or tree and explore what it can teach you about your own growth.


🌱 Seeds planted in this episode:



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