S1 Ep 11: Align with the Divine featuring Julie Chan

Have you ever wondered how the universe could support you when outgrowing the grind?

In this episode, you’ll meet Julie Chan, who had a spiritual awakening when she was a graduate student at MIT that opened up psychic gifts. She took a detour from her decade-long career in urban planning to become the founder of Being My Purpose, where she uses channeling and intuition to empower her clients to discover and express their life purpose with confidence, creativity, and courage. 

🌱 In this episode, you’ll learn:

  • About Julie’s magical journey, and an experience that opened up a psychic ability for her.
  • How a surprising visitor during what felt like a major professional breakdown changed everything for Julie.
  • Is there more to this two-dimensional world?
  • How can you develop your intuitive abilities to help you outgrow the grind?
  • What is your highest purpose?
  • What special gifts and experiences do you want to share with other people?
  • How your joy and alignment with your purpose can positively affect the world.
  • Some questions to think about: 1) How does the universe have my back? 2) What signs am I receiving from the Divine / the universe / Love / God that I’m growing in the right direction?

🌱 Seeds planted in this episode:


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