S1 Ep 8: Bolster Your Boundaries

Women in our patriarchal culture are socialized to please, and that can make saying “no” and setting clear boundaries (and even knowing what boundaries we’re “allowed” to set) very difficult.

🌱 In this episode, you'll learn:

  • What boundaries are
  • Why they can be challenging
  • What happens when we don’t have boundaries
  • Why boundaries are so important
  • A few tips to boost your boundaries.
  • You’ll even hear a snippet from a coaching demo with real life examples about how boundaries can be tricky.
  • How to reclaim more of your time and energy by identifying, setting, and enforcing your own boundaries.

🌱 Seeds planted in this episode:

  • Prentis Hemphill’s website and Instagram
  • Brene Brown’s video about boundaries (from The Work of the People) and Instagram
  • Dr. Nicole LaPera’s website and Instagram
  • Dr. Henry Cloud’s website and Instagram
  • Thank you to Sara K for volunteering for my coaching demo in this episode!
  • Watch Gabor Maté speak about authenticity and connection in an interview with Phil Borges here.
  • Nedra Tawwab's website and Instagram (and order her new book "Set Boundaries, Find Peace" here!)
  • The Relationship School website
  • Rachel Rodgers is the Founder and CEO of Hello 7 (website here)
  • Join my free Facebook group for all women who want to learn about, set, practice, and celebrate their boundaries.
  • Need an extra personalized boundaries boost? Schedule a free, 30 minute sample coaching session with me here.
  • Learn more about plants that make a great property boundary.

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