S4 Ep 5: Create Room to

Grow featuring Tasha Booth

Tasha Booth is an agency owner, coach, and podcaster. She is the Founder & CEO of The Launch Guild - a Course Launch Support & Digital Marketing Implementation Agency supporting established coaches and course creators with Course & Podcast Launches, Operations & Systems Management, and Content Management & Repurposing. Additionally, she mentors Virtual Support Pros who are passionate and ready to grow their businesses while living life on their own terms, and she is the host of the How She Did That Podcast -- a podcast for Virtual Assistants, Online Business Managers, and Project Managers to learn business and tech tips.

🌱 In this episode, you’ll learn:

  • How a getaway with her spouse inspired Tasha to outgrow the grind.
  • Why it’s important to ask yourself, “Is it bringing me closer or further away from my ‘why’?”
  • That support is helpful, and you don’t have to do the things you’re not good at.
  • How having communities that celebrate with you and motivate you to do better are important.
  • That we can do everything, but we can’t do everything at once.
  • That it’s really important to give each idea and new venture its own separate and unique time to blossom and bloom.
  • Your reflection question: Am I creating enough space for growing my dreams?

🌱 Seeds planted in this episode:


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