S4 Ep 9: Explore Ease Over


In today’s episode, I share about my recent trip to the San Francisco Bay Area and we dig deeper into exploring ease over effort.

🌱 In this episode, you’ll learn:

  • The highlights of my recent trip to the San Francisco Bay Area
  • Our conditioning to value DOING over BEING
  • Why we tend to trust effort, struggle and hard work more than ease
  • About two eye-opening moments when I questioned that ease was as “legitimate” as effort
  • The magic that happens when we give ourselves permission to let it be easy + trust ourselves + show up fully

🌱 Seeds planted in this episode:

  • See what’s blooming at Filoli right now (Thank you, Michael!)
  • Two reflection questions: 1) Where are you currently choosing effort over ease? 2) How could you infuse a little more ease (even just 5% more)?
  • Share your reflections with me on Instagram or on Facebook


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