S4 Ep 8: Follow What's Fun

featuring Iffy Ibekwe

In today’s episode we’re joined by Iffy Ibekwe, an accomplished attorney, mother of four, wife, runner, lover of languages, and soon-to-be traditionally published author. Iffy’s takes us on a journey from external measures of success that may “look good” into internal, felt experiences of success that actually “feel good.”

🌱 In this episode, you’ll learn:

  • About Iffy’s journey from a young lawyer trying to build her professional reputation to an in-house attorney for ten years, and then space to determine her next moves after being let go.
  • What Iffy thought a gap in her work history would mean to others and herself
  • All of the beautiful ways Iffy reconnected to what felt good to her
  • How Iffy reconnected with her inner 5-year-old that loved to color
  • Iffy’s advice to anyone on their journey of outgrowing the grind
  • Two reflection questions for you: What did you love to do as a kid? How can you make a little space to revisit that activity in your current life?

🌱 Seeds planted in this episode:


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