S4 Ep 10: Prioritize YOU

Instead of Perfection

featuring Kelly Haller

Today’s guest is Kelly Haller, the founder of Tidy Rebel. Kelly is a professional organizer, taking down the patriarchy by teaching us how to prioritize ourselves over the myth of perfectionism.

🌱 In this episode, you’ll learn:

  • How Kelly grew her business when the pandemic started and what shifted when she decided she wanted to have kids
  • About the tension between the external pressure to prove our perfectionism vs. the internal feeling of utter exhaustion when deprioritizing your own needs
  • The doubts and fears that tried to block Kelly from following her calling 
  • What helped Kelly learn to trust herself and what’s truly important to her
  • The patriarchal pressure to worry more about how things look than how they feel
  • Kelly’s advice and permission to prioritize YOU!
  • Here are your reflection questions: Where in your life are you focused on what looks good instead of what feels good? How can you shift it to prioritize you and your own experience so it feels good on the inside?

🌱 Seeds planted in this episode:

  • Want more Kelly in your life? Find her at her website and on Instagram (@thetidyrebel).
  • Get 10 exercises to ground yourself in five minutes or less here.
  • Download Kelly’s Tidy Enough Guide and get organized (for good) in a way that aligns with you! 
  • The book Kelly mentioned that helped inspire the launch of her business: Lisa Sasevich’s Meant for More


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