S3 Ep 6: You Can Grow Your

Own Way featuring Shalini


In today’s episode of Outgrow the Grind, we are joined by Shalini Codispoti. Shalini helps families and businesses put plans in place that would ensure her clients and their loved ones stay out of conflict and out of court. Shalini helps her clients leave their whole legacy which is far more than just assets, but their stories, insights and experiences.


Join us on this episode to learn how Shalini planted seeds and nurtured her own unique way of being a woman, being a business owner, being a wife, being a mom, and being a daughter.


🌱 In this episode, you’ll learn:

  • About Shalini’s journey: how when she came to live in the US, she discovered that her career as a Litigator was making her (and everyone around her) unhappy.
  • How she created a business that serves clients before the process of litigation and how “doing it the way she wanted to” enhanced her connection with her clients and their families.
  • Shalini's customized saying: "Happy Mom + Happy Wife = Happy Home"
  • The challenges that Shalini faced when she created her own version of being a wife and mother and business owner.
  • How we can ask others for help instead of pressuring ourselves to do it all on our own.
  • How Shalini is raising her daughter to know and feel the perfection in imperfection.
  • The importance of relying on other women and being in community with each other.
  • Some reflective questions for this episode: HOW and WHO do you want to be?


🌱 Seeds planted in this episode:



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