S3 Ep 5: Nurturing Yourself

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Shannon & Dana Barron

In this episode of Outgrow the Grind, we are joined by Intuitive Eating and Body Image Coaches Bridget Shannon and Dana Barron. While many of our episodes focus on the daily grind of work, a lot of us have also been impacted by the grind of diet culture. Join Dana, Bridget, and me as we talk about what the diet culture grind is and how they outgrew it.

Bridget and Dana are the creators of Wellness Lately and are on a mission to reclaim wellness from diet culture. Their work is rooted in body liberation and food freedom, helping women all over the world escape the painful, diet-binge cycle and embrace true well-being.

🌱 In this episode, you’ll learn:

  • More about Dana and Bridget’s grind of “waiting on the weight” before living the lives that they’ve dreamt of and the personal cost of the diet culture grind.
  • The way that black and white thinking, perfectionism, rigidity, cultural conditioning, and the wellness world keeps that diet culture grind in motion.
  • Why you can’t “hate your way into a body you love”.
  • How it felt for Bridget and Dana to outgrow their diet culture grind.
  • What deeply held beliefs they had to say no to, and which new ones they learned to say yes to.
  • Dana and Bridget’s advice to help you build a healthier relationship with your body and your food.
  • Reflection question for this episode: What are you waiting on to change or happen before you can live the life of your dreams?

🌱 Seeds planted in this episode:


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