S2 Ep 1: How to Have it All

featuring Adrienne Johnson

Welcome to the first episode of our second season! To kick off this season, guest Adrienne Johnson will share some insightful inspiration on how she went from having no control over her job and time, to having it all! Learning how to set boundaries and say yes to her priorities led her to be at complete peace with herself and her job.

About Adrienne: Adrienne Johnson is a professional writer and course designer for entrepreneurs. When she's not helping entrepreneurs create good courses, you'll find her weight lifting, playing cello, or sipping wine while watching reality TV.  

🌱 In this episode, you’ll learn:

  • Adrienne’s breadcrumb-filled back story and the transitions that got her to where she is now.
  • A little bit about her corporate journey. 
  • How she learned from social media and technical writing to land an awesome job!
  • How she designed her own career as an employee AND an entrepreneur.
  • The importance of setting boundaries.
  • The power behind putting yourself and your own priorities first.
  • Saying no. We tend to believe we have to say yes to every person, every client, everyone, but saying no can be a huge YES for you!
  • Setting your priorities: Is it money? Family? Relationships? 
  • Some questions to think about: 1) What are the breadcrumbs that keep showing up in your life 2) What can I say no to, in order to say yes to myself? (yes, boundaries!) 

🌱 Seeds planted in this episode:


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