S5 Ep 8: Share More of

Your Shine

In this episode, I share a beautiful poem with you, we talk about allowing yourself to share more of yourself and how to receive praise. I also invite you to two upcoming ways to work with me.

🌱 In this episode, you’ll learn:

  • A beautiful poem by Heather Rhodes that was part of the online Living Goddess Sadhana from Awakening Women.
  • How deciding to share more of yourself with others has a beautiful positive ripple effect.
  • How to receive compliments and praise with grace both on the outside AND the inside.
  • About a workshop I’m leading next week called “Choose Loving Thoughts” - in it, we’ll identify and remove the weeds in the garden of your mind!
  • About my new offering: the Outgrow the Grind Heart Centered Women’s Circle. It’s a six month program where you’ll go from round-the-clock groundskeeper of someone else’s dreams to master gardener of your own. In the program, you’ll get support from a small circle of other like-hearted women, 1:1 coaching, and a variety of practices to empower you. The program’s curriculum is guided by four growth phases: Seed, Sprout, Grow, and Bloom.

🌱 Seeds planted in this episode:

  • If you’re ready to trade the grind and the guilt for growth in a small and supportive community of six women, check out my brand new Heart Centered Women’s Circle! (bit.ly/tradethegrindforgrowth)
  • If you’d like to join us in the "Choose Loving Thoughts" workshop on Monday May 16, sign up here. In it, you'll identify and remove the weeds in the garden of our mind!
  • The poem I shared with you at the beginning of the episode is by Heather Rhodes.


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