S2 Ep 6: You Deserve Your

Desires featuring Parijat


Welcome to another heart-warming episode of Outgrow the Grind! In today’s episode, we are joined by Parijat Desphande. Parijat shares how she’s outgrown two different phases of "the grind."

Before kids, Parijat was fully booked day-to-day, and she loved it! She was very happy teaching, meeting with clients, being with family, and spending time with friends. It didn’t feel like a grind at all. Parijat’s pregnancy with her son was high-risk. She was put on bed rest after week 6, and then had her son earlier than planned. She was in the hospital for a while and then nervously had to wait for her son to come home.

After bringing home her son, Parijat was on lockdown, only leaving the house for doctor’s appointments. During this time, she noticed that she went from one extreme to the other and realized that neither way nourished her.

🌱 In this episode, you’ll learn:

  • All about Parijat’s journey through a high-risk pregnancy.
  • The tension between doing and being.
  • What it was like to have her old life vs. her new one as a mother.
  • The moment she decided to create a business that helps other women experiencing a high-risk pregnancy.
  • What outgrowing the grind meant to her: being an amazing mother and helping others.
  • How common it is to feel guilty when your approach to motherhood and work is different than the one way the system tells us about.
  • How to be flexible and say no to certain things in order to say yes to yourself. There is always a choice when it comes to the way we live our lives.
  • The false notion that we have to work hard to earn our worthiness.
  • Why you do deserve a life outside the grind.
  • What Parijat learned to say no to on her path of outgrowing her grinds.
  • Why the hydrangea is her favorite plant. 
  • Some reflective questions to think about: 1) Have you ever thought you don’t deserve the life you want? 2) What am I not thinking I deserve? 3) What nourishes me? 

🌱 Seeds planted in this episode:


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